Vintage My Little Pony Pictures

Ok I tried to put captions on these things but they will not show. I am going to write what they are here and fix it later. Whizzer Twinkled Eye Pegasus 1985, Unicorn Glory 1983 and Unicorn Glory baby, Twinkle Eye Galaxy 1985, Sunbeam 1983, Posey Yellow Pony 1984, Sprinkles Pegasus, Baby ember twins.

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Missoni for target

Missoni, sure its a high-class fashion brand and woo woo woo, but in my humble opinion it looks like crap and this picture is very fitting. A missoni trash can. Seriously, why. But for those who see this as a golden opportunity to own something expensive for less by all means please continue to shop. This Missoni stuff is simply not my style but you know different strokes for different folks I guess. I am more of a Badgley Mischka kind of girl. So when they come out with a line at Target I will definitely be on the other side of the fence.

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Looking to buy She-Ra Princess of Power dolls

So I would like to eventually buy the dolls for these clothes. I think this would include the action figures She Ra, Bow, Glimmer, Frosta, that chick with the wings and the rest I cant identify yet.

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Interesting Ebay purchase

As much as I love ebay for its ability to give me cheap items, sometimes you get what you pay for. My item arrived a week later than expected wrapped in an old sweater sleeve. The sleeve smelled like a mix between cat  and a bathroom in a retirement community pool. I began to seek gloves in order to remove my product because of the complimentary hairs of cat and people deposited on the sleeve. The sellers interpretation of “new” was also very interesting as the item was dusty and portions of the flowers were missing. Apparently I have higher standards for what passes as an acceptable these days. So yes, being a cheapo is not for everyone. I find that it is sometimes better to pay more for a product so I know its not going to arrive late wrapped like a torpedo and dipped in 3 different types of hair.

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Glow Worms in the Dark

Another Hasbro item making $ online would be glow worms. A full set of mint condition glow worms could sell for about $80-100. One thing about glow worms that I noticed is that the plastic can become sticky with age. I would sell the toys now while the plastic is still in tact. This is something I wouldn’t wait on simply based on the materials that the item is constructed from. If at around 30 years old the properties of the plastic have changed, another 10-20 years will probably mean further disintegration.

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A Market for your old My Little Pony?

The answer is YES! However this is considered an item that is usually successfully sold in bulk. People will buy used first generation MLP on ebay due to the fact that they are originals.

The My little ponies which are pictured here are G1 (generation 1) vintage ponies.

Back row L to R: Sprinkles pegasus 1983, Posey Yellow pony 1984, Unicorn Glory 1983, Baby Glory 1984, Sunbeam 1983,

Front row L to R: Whizzer twinkled eye pegasus 1985, Twinkle eye galaxy 1985, Powder snowflake unicorn 1984, Baby ember blue (B) 1984

Here are some relevant links for the serious MLP collector. The first link showcases a huge collection of ponies from all over the world. The following links are mainly restoration guides and more information on how to sell them online.

Super MLP collection (AKA Debra Birge you are amazing)

Restoring old MLP Guide

Ebay Guide on how to sell your MLP there

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